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Healthcare Design Studio
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Level up your health tech and digital health game with a dedicated UI/UX Design agency for healthcare. Powerful User Experience and User Interface Design for healthcare to help you cut through the noise and deliver on the promise. Our team of designers, innovators, and researchers work tirelessly to create digital experiences that not only solve problems but also humanize technology through simple, user-centered designs.

Our Healthcare Design Studio is a solution-centric think tank, laser-focused on transforming healthcare services. Here, we develop creative design ideas to make health applications, web or software more user-friendly and efficient. Our team designs user interfaces for medical software and apps that help them perform exceptionally well, meeting the specific needs of the healthcare industry. With our expertise in healthcare UI/UX design, our team makes user experience better by employing fresh strategies and straightforward design methods.

Our Services

Design Research

Our comprehensive design research practices, including research offer deep insights into the needs, behaviors, and pain points of your users. These insights shape our design process, leading to solutions that effectively address your users' needs, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.

Design Research Design Research

Prototype Development

Prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development is a crucial step in creating innovative healthcare technologies. Our interactive prototyping services help you transform ideas into tangible proof-of-concept solutions to validate ideas before moving forward into the production.

Prototype Development Prototype Pevelopment

Healthcare UX Design

Our human centered approach to Healthcare UX design puts the needs, preferences, and capabilities of users at the center. Our User Experience design for healthcare focusses on creating a user friendly experience for all stakeholders involved with the goal to improve the accessibility and usability of healthcare applications.

Healthcare UX DesignHealthcare UX Design

Healthcare UI Design

Our healthcare UI design focuses on creating visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly interfaces for digital healthcare products, medical apps, health tech platforms and software applications. It works in conjunction with UX design to provide a comprehensive and positive user experience in the healthcare domain.

Healthcare UI Design Healthcare UI Design

Our Innovation Tool-Kit For Healthcare

We believe that successful healthcare and digital health businesses need exceptional designs, and we are here to
provide just that.

Our aim is to harness the power of simple, innovative design to improve the way healthcare professionals,
patients and all other stakeholders in healthcare interact with technology.

Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

A workshop that fosters creative thinking and encourages innovative solutions.

  • Problem identification
  • Ideation
  • Prototype creation
  • Testing and refining
Exploratory Research

Exploratory Research

Pushing boundaries through investigative research to uncover new methodologies, techniques, and design paradigms in the healthcare domain.

  • Market research
  • Technology trend analysis
  • User behavior studies
Concept Testing

Concept Testing

Testing novel design ideas for their potential impact and feasibility

  • Idea generation
  • Concept validation
  • Feedback loops
Evaluating Implementing

Evaluating & Implementing

Assessing the viability of our innovations and readying them for real-world application.

  • Success metrics analysis
  • Implementation strategies
  • Post-launch support

Our Approach

Our approach to healthcare design weaves an intricate web of healthcare interactions into a cohesive, intuitive, and engaging user experience. We start with detailed user personas and journey maps, layering on workflows, information architectures, and finally, UI concepts and prototypes. This iterative approach enables us to refine and perfect the design at every stage.


User Personas & Journey Maps

A deep understanding of user personas and journey maps is crucial to delivering a solution that truly meets user needs. Collaborating with Montar Healthtech can help uncover the needs, motivations, and pain points of your target audience. The outcome? A tailored healthcare service that resonates with user expectations.



Streamlined workflows ensure a smooth user experience and optimized processes. Montar Healthtech assists in developing clear workflow diagrams that depict user actions, system responses, and decision points. This way, you can achieve optimal resource allocation and significantly improve service efficiency.


Information Architecture

An intuitive, easily navigable information architecture is the backbone of any efficient healthcare service. With Montar Healthtech, you can design an information architecture that provides users with easy access to crucial information, improving user satisfaction and reducing frustrations.


UI Concepts & Prototypes

Montar Healthtech's proven approach to developing tangible UI concepts and interactive prototypes provides an opportunity to visualize the final product and gather valuable feedback. This hands-on, collaborative stage ensures a thoroughly vetted, engaging, and user-friendly final product.


Feedback incorporation and Refinement

The design journey doesn't end with a prototype; it's an evolving process. Partnering with Montar Healthtech offers iterative refinement based on user feedback. We monitor how users interact with the interface to identify areas for improvement. The goal is to fine-tune the design to exceed user expectations, enhancing functionality and satisfaction.

Our cross-functional design team is here to
explore ways in which design can enhance your

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Our Five Key Focus Areas in UI/UX Design

  • 01
    Uncovering User Needs

    Personalizing solutions for every healthcare journey.

  • 02
    Empathy Meets Tech

    Infusing patient care with tech-powered empathy.

  • 03
    Creating Engaging Experiences

    Ensuring easy and engaging interactions in healthcare apps.

  • 04
    Performance-Driven Design

    Merging functionality with aesthetic appeal in healthcare solutions.

  • 05
    Continuous Enhancement

    Elevating user experience through relentless refinement.

The Way Forward
Design-Led Healthcare Innovation

In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, intuitive user experience design serves as a driving force behind the innovation and advancement that is propelling the sector into the future. The impact of carefully curated healthcare UI/UX design can be seen in various aspects:

Patient Centric Outcomes
Patient-Centric Outcomes

With a design ethos centered around enhancing patient experiences, we bring about a positive change in healthcare delivery. Witness the transformation through Healthcare App UI/UX Design that aligns with patient needs and fosters better health outcomes.

Enhanced Efficiency in Operations
Enhanced Efficiency in Operations

Properly implemented healthcare UI/UX designs streamline the complex healthcare procedures, making them more efficient. It leads to reduced operational costs and increased productivity, enhancing overall performance.

Driving Digital Transformation
Driving Digital Transformation

A refined user interface and user experience design act as the backbone of digital transformation in healthcare. They make it possible to integrate advanced technology solutions like AI and machine learning seamlessly into healthcare operations.

Innovation in Healthcare Services
Innovation in Healthcare Services

UI/UX design is instrumental in bringing about innovation in healthcare services. It helps in devising new ways to deliver health services, transforming patient care and healthcare administration.

Boosting Industry Growth
Boosting Industry Growth

UI/UX designs play a significant role in fostering growth in the healthcare industry. They make healthcare services more accessible and easier to use, attracting more users and promoting business expansion.

Strengthening Stakeholder Relations
Strengthening Stakeholder Relations

Purposeful UI/UX design fosters trust among all stakeholders in healthcare, including patients, healthcare professionals, and other businesses. It contributes to building a solid reputation in the industry, paving the way for successful collaborations and partnerships.

Case Study

Healthcare Provider

A tele-health enabled mental health app fully integrated with a custom-built EHR and CRM platform for a leading chain of mental health clinics operated by owners of a Fortune 500 company

  • 1,20,000+ Patient Consultations
  • 50,000+ Tele-health visits
  • 70,000+ Patient Records Migrated
  • 10+ Centres Digitised Nationwide
Case Study

Corporate Health

Product Strategy and state-of-the-art UI/UX design of a custom web portal and mobile app for corporate clients of one of Asia’s largest corporate health and primary healthcare providers

  • 1 Million+ Clients Served
  • 200+ Corporate Health Centres
  • 10,000+ Lives Saved
  • 1000+ Health And Wellness Programs
Govt Health
Case Study

Government & Public Health

Medical Care Learning Platform comprising of a web and offline-compatible mobile app to build public healthcare workers’ capacity and assess knowledge/skills for a State Health Systems Strengthening project signed between Government of India and the World Bank

  • 800+ Doctors Registered
  • 750+ Nurses Registered
  • 100+ Government Health Facilities
  • 12+ Districts Onboarded
Digital Health
Case Study

Digital Health Start-up

A patient portal integrated with custom-built EHR for a American Board certified endocrinologist-led digital health start-up providing teleconsultations, biomarker tracking and comprehensive lifestyle management to manage chronic conditions

  • 500+ Subscribed Patients
  • 3000+ Telehealth Visits
  • 15+ Biomarkers Tracked
  • 600+ Food Items In Nutrition Calculator
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is healthcare UI/UX design important?

    In the healthcare industry, effective UI/UX design can improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, reduce errors and costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve the overall user experience. This is why we focus on providing the best UX for healthcare.

  • How can good UI/UX design improve healthcare outcomes?

    Good UI/UX design healthcare solutions can dramatically improve healthcare outcomes. By making medical software and applications more intuitive and user-friendly, we reduce the likelihood of errors, enhance efficiency, and ultimately lead to better patient care.

  • What is the process for developing a healthcare UI/UX design?

    The process usually involves initial research to understand the user needs and context, followed by ideation and medical app UI design. The design is then validated through user testing, and finally implemented. The process is iterative, with ongoing testing and refinement.

  • What are the key components of a good healthcare UI/UX design?

    Key components include intuitive navigation, clear and consistent layout, easily accessible information, responsive healthcare app design, and a focus on user needs and context.

  • How do you ensure the healthcare UI/UX design is user-friendly?

    User-friendliness is ensured through a user-centered design process that involves extensive user research, testing, and feedback. Our UX/UI designers in healthcare continually refine designs based on user feedback to ensure they meet the needs and expectations of the end users.

  • What are the key principles of healthcare UI/UX design?

    The key principles of healthcare UI/UX design include:

    • Clarity: The interface should be clear and easy to understand, with clear labels and instructions.
    • Accuracy: The interface should be accurate and up-to-date, with correct information and data.
    • Efficiency: The interface should be efficient and easy to use, with minimal steps and clicks required to complete tasks.
    • Accessibility: The interface should be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
    • Human-centered: The interface should be designed with the user in mind, with features that are user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Can you redesign our existing healthcare software?

    Certainly, as a leading UI/UX design solutions for the healthcare industry, we offer bespoke redesign services for your existing healthcare software. Our expert UX/UI designers in healthcare focus on enhancing user experience and usability by conducting comprehensive analyses, creating tailored redesigns, and continual testing and refinement. Upholding principles of healthcare UX/UI design, we aim for clarity, accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility, delivering a human-centered, user-friendly experience that meets the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

  • What are some of the trends in healthcare UI/UX design?

    Some of the trends in UX/UI Design in Healthcare include

    • The use of mobile devices and tablets
    • The use of voice-activated interfaces
    • The use of personalized and adaptive interfaces
    • The use of gamification and social media
  • What makes your healthcare UI/UX design services different from others?

    We take a holistic, user-centered approach to healthcare UI/UX design. Our UX/UI Design Solutions for Healthcare Industry are not only aesthetically pleasing but also grounded in a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of the healthcare sector. We work closely with our clients to create designs that deliver real value and enhance user satisfaction.

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