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What Is The Design Thinking Sprint?

When Healthcare Founders and CXOs have an idea for a digital solution but are unsure how to build it, our Design Thinking Sprint helps them move forward.

We conduct a series of discovery workshops to define your idea’s digital architecture. We identify the key user journeys and workflows. Then we begin to design the key components of the solution collaborating closely with you. Finally, we deliver an interactive prototype that allows you to navigate and interact with the key features and functionalities of the product.

This iterative process of building a lean and cost-effective MVP through our Design Thinking Sprint enables founders and CXOs in healthcare and digital health companies to validate ideas, gather valuable user feedback and test the usability of the application before investing in full-scale development.

Why You Should Do It

  • 01.Clearly define user and business needs
  • 02.Identify key product features and functionalities
  • 03.Turn ideas into tangible visual assets
  • 04.Rapidly validate idea and product features
  • 05.Collect early feedback (from users, investors and peers)
  • 06.Gain valuable insights into user experience and functionalities
  • 07.Minimize risk by securing early user buy-in
  • 08.Improve Go-To-Market by prioritizing key features
  • 09.Go-to-market faster with a clear product roadmap
  • 10.Optimize budgets for full scale development
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100+ workshops conducted with
Healthcare Leaders from Start-ups to Fortune
500 companies


They gave us strategic and creative inputs as we brainstormed for ways to create a powerful solution

Dr Roshani Sanghani, MD
Founder and CEO, Reisaan

How We Do It

Insights & Understanding

Through a series of Design Thinking workshops, our team will gain deeper understanding about the idea and establish clarity on the concept. If you already have a business, we will acquire foundational clarity on your services, business processes and operations. We will also gather the necessary knowledge about your market (within healthcare) through primary and secondary research.

Strategy & Conceptualization

Through a design-led iterative process, we strategize how services will be delivered to the users through the envisioned platform. We map the interaction of users with business services to conceptualize all the business and user facing modules and technical components of your system, including but not limited to web application, mobile application, cloud hosting platform, 3rd Party integrations, admin panel, etc.

Features & Solution Architecture

We enlist technical features and functionalities of all the conceptualized modules that form the system. Then we build inter-linking workflows that connect various modules together to define the overall scope of the platform/product. Following this, we create a solution architecture mapping all technical building blocks into a single executable blueprint.

User Journeys and UX Design

We start by creating user personas and mapping user journeys reflecting their interaction with the services. We organize workflows through various highly iterative processes such as card sorting, low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframing. We then fine tune the workflows to create a high-fidelity UX prototype.

Visual Design (User Interface)

Our team turns the UX prototype into a UI prototype through stunning visual design. This is an iterative process and will be fine-tuned basis your feedback. We will also create a UI design guide that ensures all future work follows a consistent visual thought process

Prototype Delivery & Product Dev Blueprint

We package all UI designs into a clickable prototype simulating the real platform. You can navigate through the prototype to explore the features and functionalities. We also provide a development blueprint document that enlists the scope of the technical platform including modules, features, 3rd party integrations (if any) with proposed technology stacks suitable to your idea.

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  • User Personas
  • User Journeys
  • Modules and Functionalities
  • Solution Architecture Diagram
  • Product Feature Backlog
  • UX Strategy
  • UX Prototype (up to 30 screens)
  • Interactive UI Prototype (up to 30 screens)
  • UI Design Guidelines
  • Technology Stack Recommendation
  • Product Development Strategy and Roadmap
  • Design Refinement Rounds (One round for each screen)
  • Original Source Design Files
Time duration


6 weeks

Time duration



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